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Equipment Offerings

Diagnostic Call / Repairs

  • On-site troubleshooting of an issue – Service Provider will come to your site to troubleshoot a specified issue.
  • Repair – Service Provider will complete repairs in previously agreed to with Client.

Equipment Installation

Service Provider will install equipment to industry and manufacturer standards.

  • Backwashing and cleaning of pool filters – Sand and D.E. filters require backwashing which may occur multiple times a month, the Service Provider will perform this task when the pressure rises to a level necessary to do so. If the pool has filter cartridges, the Service Provider will remove and rinse off onsite when needed throughout the season. This task is always performed at least once after the 4th of July. This does not include end-of-season filter cleaning.
  • Equipment inspection – Service Provider will inspect the equipment to ensure proper operation.
  • Mid-Summer Stop – 50% off when added to the weekly maintenance program.

Liner Replacement

Professional liner replacement entails more than “out with the old and in with the new.” Custom Pools will walk you through selecting your liner as well as any recommended replacement items such as your faceplates, light rings, etc. When the time comes to having the liner replaced, Custom Pools will complete a 10-point inspection that includes a pressure test on the underground plumbing lines as well as a Leakalyzer report once installed to ensure that the new liner holds water and you are ready to get back to enjoying your pool.

Fabric Replacement

Fabric replacement is a necessary part of the automatic cover life cycle. When Custom Pools replaces your cover fabric, we only use the original manufacturer’s fabrics and parts. They are made to work with your system and our Cover Technicians are trained by all of the manufacturers and have years of experience. We will not only get your new fabric installed, but will also go through the mechanics to make sure any additional service is quoted and explained.

Winter Cover

Winter covers need replacement over time. Custom Pools will order it to the original specifications and will replace it so you don’t need a full installation with new anchors. If needed, we will measure the cover or send the original off to the manufacturer for them to make a template for the best fit.

Sand Change - $399.99 Plus sand and disposal

If you have a sand filter, Custom Pools recommends you replace the sand no more than every 3 years. Custom Pools will come out and remove the sand from your filter and replace it with new sand. For an additional fee, we will dispose of the old sand, or we can take directions from you as to where you’d like it dumped on your property.

Product Deliveries

This service is offered by hitting a minimum purchase amount of [insert value here: my thought is $150; and it has to be within a certain delivery radius]. Leave the drive to us. We will bring the product out to your house so you can spend more time enjoying your pool.