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Annual Service Offerings

Professional Pool Opening - $349.99

  • Remove Cover – Service Provider will remove the pool cover, fold it up and put it in the cover bag if applicable. If the swimming pool has an auto-cover, Service Provider will open the cover. Service Provider is not responsible for any damage done to the cover when operating it unless proven that it is an operator error. Post opening, the auto-cover will remain open due to adding liquid chlorine shock to the pool. The Client is responsible for closing the cover no less than 1 hour post treatment.
  • Remove plugs and install directional flow fittings when needed – Installation of all fittings is included. In the case that a fitting is placed in the wrong inlet, the Service Provider will return and move it to the correct one. In the event that directional flow fittings are missing or in need of replacement, the Service Provider will replace them and bill to the Client.
  • Prime equipment – Service Provider will start up the circulation system on the pool and perform an 11–point check to ensure everything is running properly for the summer. A digital checklist is filled out by the technician and sent to you with the results.
  • Repairs Included – Conditional to Service Provider performing a Professional Pool Closing the previous year to opening, Service Provider will repair all small plumbing leaks above ground at the equipment pad area. Parts will not be included in this service and will be billed out as used. Large repairs, for example equipment replacements, will be quoted for approval with the customer. Most repairs will happen upon a return trip by a Custom Pools mechanical technician.

Mid-Summer Stop - $299.99

  • Equipment Inspection – Service Provider will inspect the equipment to ensure proper operation.
  • Testing and balancing of water chemistry – Water test will be performed and product will be added to balance the water out. Any follow up instructions will be sent digitally through the digital door hanger. Client will be billed for chemicals used.
  • Backwashing and cleaning of pool filters – Service Provider will remove and rinse Client’s filters. If Client’s have a sand filter, Service Provider will remove the top and clean off the sand surface. This service is only able to be performed on certain sand filter models. Some models it is not possible to do a sand cleaning without doing a full sand change.

Professional Pool Closing - $349.99

  • Winterize the plumbing lines – Service Provider will remove the water from below ground plumbing lines. If a line is compromised or the valve on the drain does not hold an air lock, Service Provider will notify the Client that valve replacement is needed and will quote the replacement of said valve to the Client separately.
  • Remove directional flow fittings and install plugs when needed – Installation of all plugs is included. In the case that a plug needs replacement, Service Provider will make that determination and bill to the Client.
  • Drain pool equipment – Service Provider will drain the pool equipment of water. Once the equipment has been drained, the pump pot basket on the pool pump will be used to store directional flow fittings and main drain valve handle for safe keeping over the off season. They will remain there until the pool opening.
  • Removal of filter cartridges and DE grids – Service Provider will remove the cartridges or DE grids when applicable and leave for the Client to store for the winter.

Professional Filter Cleaning - $299.99 (Pick-up and delivery included)

  • Filter cartridges and DE grids need to be chemically soaked once a season to ensure proper flow and filtration. We recommend this be done at the end of the season after your pool is closed for the winter. With the purchase of a professional pool closing, Custom Pools will pick them up from your property, and bring them back.